Making Landfall

After our spontaneous detour to Cupids, we headed down into Brigus. The light was awkward for many of the shots, since Brigus is down in a bit of a valley and the western hills were interfering with light penetration. What light did come through was often quite intense. So we decided to meander up to Landfall and have a gawk at the view there, not hoping for much photograph-wise.

Landfall is the cottage once owned and lived in by Rockwell Kent (famous American artist who was erroneously accused of being a German spy during WWI). The original cottage dates back to the late 1700s, but it has been substantially rebuilt since then. It is now owned by Landfall Trust, a group that has as its mandate the preservation of the cottage and that also operates a writer-in-residence programme therein.

Landfall Cottage (Focal length 22mm, Shutter: 1/350, Aperture: f11)

We didn’t get to go in, as it’s very nicely sealed up against the elements for winter. I’ll have t0 swing by sometime in summer and have a peak inside, when there are folks around. Snooping into other peoples’ houses when they’re not there isn’t really my thing….

As we were walking back from the cottage, I stopped to admire this grove of aspen. As John remarked to me, you can always tell where the Newfoundland gardens were by the growth of either aspen or alders (or both). They just take right over.

Stretching for the sky. (Focal length 18mm, Shutter: 1/1000, Aperture: f6.7)

And then it was off home, or so we thought. We weren’t anticipating Conception Harbour pulling us back again…..


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  1. Karin Smith says:

    We have good friends who rent this place every summer for a couple of weeks. We’ve gone out to visit them and to pick blueberries. Really lovely. We have talked about renting it out too.

  2. daphot75 says:

    So nice winter sceneries

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