Conception Harbour, Take 2

We left Brigus and were cruising merrily along the road in the direction of St. John’s, our next task being to secure sufficient ice cream for the troops. John was driving. I was navigating. Katherine was scoping out likely ice cream destinations.

Suddenly I turned to John and said, “Can you turn this car around RIGHT NOW?”

Executing a more retrained (although terribly effective) version of the Bootleg Turn, John whipped us back around and down onto the wharf at Conception Harbour and then turned to me and said, “Absolutely.”

We got out into the beautiful evening sun and this is what we saw:

Conception Harbour
Conception Harbour: A beautiful little spot with miraculous light. (Focal length 18mm, Shutter: 1/250, Aperture: f13)

You may recall that we passed through Conception Harbour on our way to Brigus earlier that same day (the shipwreck is on the other side of the harbour). It looked distinctly different by evening.

(Focal length 18mm, Shutter: 1/750, Aperture: f5.6)
At berth
(Focal length 31mm, Shutter: 1/500, Aperture: f6.7)

This series of houses below appears to belong to one family or to assorted members of the same family. Two of the houses, the white ones at far right and left, are constructed according to what appear to be identical plans. Front the front, the left one looks like a more recent version of the right.

Update: The houses in question are the Trahey Homestead, a heritage property.

A maritime estate
Trahey Property. (Focal length 24mm, Shutter: 1/2000, Aperture: f4.8)

Here’s the older of the two, with detailed shots below. I didn’t feel comfortable trespassing on the other house’s lot, since there was a fence, with a gate, which was firmly closed.

(Focal length 18mm, Shutter: 1/500, Aperture: f9.5)
(Focal length 70mm, Shutter: 1/2000, Aperture: f5.6)
(Focal length 70mm, Shutter: 1/3000, Aperture: f5.6)

This was a tiny, yet perfectly proportioned, little sail boat, all snuggled up for the winter. I have a suspicion that cats may use it as emergency shelter….. (how can you tell?).

A very small sailboat.
(Focal length 29mm, Shutter: 1/125, Aperture: f22)
(Focal length 55mm, Shutter: 1/1500, Aperture: f5.6)

And then we were off, to ice cream and supper and home. We stopped near Paddy’s Pond to snap a couple of sunset pictures, for good measure.

Gone the Sun
(Focal length 18mm, Shutter: 1/180, Aperture: f9.5)
Day is Done
(Focal length 70mm, Shutter: 1/350, Aperture: f11)

Sunset over Paddy’s Pond at the end of a wonderful day.

Day is done, gone the sun….


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  1. Kelly Mollins says:

    Really enjoying these posts, Vicky! Great pics and commentary.

  2. Elaine Dale says:

    So homesick and so envious of thiese fabulous shots. Love the way your mind, eye, camera and text work together to produce super posts.

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