Urban Explorations: Fort Amherst

Katherine and I had a few hours to kill recently, so we grabbed the cameras and drove out to Fort Amherst to see what could be seen. Since it was late afternoon and Fort Amherst faces rather to the north-east, I didn’t expect the light to be all that great. The thing about old army bunkers, though, is that there can be most rewarding when approached from the black & white perspective; paying attention to lines and textures in such places generally pays off.

Descent. (Focal length 18mm, Shutter: 1/190, Aperture: f8)

I had a pang of worry when I suggested that we jump the fence that bars off the ruins and go on down for a look. While the bunkers themselves are in really rough shape, I wasn’t intending that we go into the worst sections and knew that there were parts that, with care, would be relatively safe. Still, though, that little voice that screams things like, “What kind of a parent takes their eight-year-old into places like this?” had to be stomped on a little. The eight-year-old promised obedience and I knew that this particular child could be relied upon to be sensible and to listen.

Katherine took this one with my little Sony point-and-shoot (DSC-HX5) and it may be my favourite shot of the day:

Spanning, by Katherine Taylor-Hood
Spanning, by Katherine Taylor-Hood. (Auto settings, Shutter: 1/50, Aperture: f3.5)

Take aim
Take aim. (Focal length 18mm, Shutter: 1/60, Aperture: f4.8)
At the narrows
(Focal length 18mm, Shutter: 1/45, Aperture: f8)
No More
No More. (Focal length 31mm, Shutter: 1/125, Aperture: f4.8)


And of course, we took the obligatory pictures of each other:

My 8-year-old daughter, Katherine, took this one. It was blurry due to low light, so I ran it through a couple of filters to make it more deliberate and funky-looking. Katherine photographing me photographing Katherine.
Me photographing Katherine photographing me.


Signal Hill from Fort Amherst
Katherine took this one as well. It doesn't show up well on this page, the page being so small, but clicking the image will take you to a much larger version, which is more impressive.


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  1. daphot75 says:

    What an interesting place to visit and take photos.

  2. The black and white worked really well!

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