Cabin Fever

I’m not entirely sure what happened. I thought things were going well. Everyone seemed happy. There was balance. There was unity.

Early this morning I wandered into the studio and saw this:

A gift, from the turtles to the sheep. Gingerroot. Unusual.

I thought it was simply a generous offering at first. You see, the turtles are evidently used to more exotic foods than are the sheep and I simply assumed that they were sharing their cultural experiences.

Then I saw this:

"Honeyed Lamb". Requires minced ginger root. Hmm.

It may have been my sudden gasp of horror or perhaps the sheep aren’t quite as oblivious as the turtles suppose, but I think the flock caught on.

Fast-forward to this afternoon. Things are escalating.

Catapult. This. Is. Not. Good.

I think the turtles were surprised by the swiftness and concentrated sense of purpose of the ovine reaction.

I'm not sure why they're hiding behind a can of paint. Frankly, I'm afraid to ask.

Who knew that sheep could work a catapult? Then again, how many houses have a sheep-sized catapult just lying around….

Where there's a wool, there's a-weigh.

I’m really not sure how they’re going to get out of this one…..

Ready, aim.....

… but I think I might go lock up the matches.

P.S. For newcomers, a link to more Sheep & Turtle Posts…..


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  1. VYC says:

    LOL! This made my night!

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