Softly fallin’…

Snow is softly fallin'
Snow is softly fallin'. (Focal length 70mm, Shutter: 1/180, Aperture: f6.7)

Or it was, yesterday.

Today it’s blowing a mad gale outside. Winds are gusting up to 110km/h and the snow is that stick-to-the-greenhouse-and-scour-your-skin kind, which is more like ice pellets than any fairytale snow. Since I feel no need for an Arctic exfoliant, we’re tucked away indoors this morning. Time to work on projects, have a second (and third) cup of coffee, read a few blogs and wait for that miraculous moment when the snow turns to rain and we are released once again into the world to wreak havoc and create mayhem.

Or visit a book store, whichever comes first.

For non-Newfoundlanders, the quote, “Snow is softly fallin’,” is a reference to a folks song that is quite well-known in these parts, written by Dermot O’Reilly and performed by many folks over the years.

This is still my favourite version, by Ryan’s Fancy (of which Dermot O’Reilly was a member, along with Denis Ryan and Fergus O’Byrne):

And to liven up your morning a smidge, I also give you Ryan’s Fancy’s version of the Rocky Road to Dublin (Enjoy!):


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  1. The contrast between the red and white is beautiful.

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