I have to give them credit.

Those turtles are better-educated than I thought.

I caught them reading Amos Alden’s Big Book of Handspinning to the other day. Which probably makes this whole thing my fault, really, since it was the only reading material left on the table with them.

But seriously, who knew turtles could read?

Earlier today, I spotted them staring intently at this pile of wool:


Then I made the catastrophic mistake of leaving the turtles and sheep alone in the studio together. The next thing I knew…

Playing their cards wrong, these sheep are in a prickly situation.

Fortunately, the turtles are not particularly large and have not yet studied physics. Or see-saws. Note to self: DO NOT take these critters to the playground.

Leverage. We ain't got it.

When they finally gave up on the cards, being unable to heave them high enough for actual use, I figured they’d move on to something else altogether.

I was partially right.

They did move on to something else, but it wasn’t altogether different.

Leverage. We got it.

Note to self: Store tools and turtles on different tables.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Walk faster! If we walk faster, we'll get off......

The problem One of the many problems with sheep is that if one decides to do something is lured helplessly into an awkward situation, the rest sign on without a backward glance.

In fact, a backward glance might have helped here.

"Move over!" "No, you move over." "Hey, get off my ear" "When does this movie start, anyway?" "When the drum rolls, they said." "I don't hear a drum...."

I don’t like to say it, but I believe I may have to separate these critters. And lock them out of the studio.

This works for sheep, but what are we going to do about that cat?

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  1. ~jOyce says:

    Oh the turtles are too cute!

  2. I bet you had fun doing this one..lol

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