The small aperture gave the star-like effect to the sun. (Focal length 34mm, Shutter: 1/90, Aperture: f22)

I had several posts figured out, one of which I planned to write tonight. Unfortunately, on the way home from a marvelous afternoon of skiing, I stopped and snapped this photo of the sun setting across a field of snow and all other thoughts went out of my head.

I don’t think it needs many words.

Taken at what used to be Field’s Farm, across Torbay Road from what was Bourne’s Esso.

These trees and this whole area will soon be utterly demolished and transformed into a cinema and shopping complex. I suspect I will have to find another route home so as not to see the ugliness.


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  1. Jean says:

    This is a beautiful image, Vicky. Like you, I’ll be sorry to see this peaceful spot disappear to make room for another (ugh) multiplex and more rampant consumerism. One aspect of photography that really appeals to me, though, is the ability to capture a fleeting moment or a scene that will never be seen again except in memory; the camera is a portable time machine.

  2. Elaine Dale says:

    That’s heart breaking. I remember this spot well, having driven past it many times en-route to visiting my brother. We often remark about what a treacherous drive Torbay Road can be during white-outs. I’d rather see a white-out than yet another plaza….

  3. VickyTH says:

    True enough. I was thinking that I’d try to get as many good shots of the area as possible before they destroy it. I took photos of the barns, but always regret not having done it more than once before they knocked them down. Hopefully I can find opportunities to take a few more over the coming months.

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