“Monday mornin’, it was all I hoped it would be”

Opened up the aperture for this one, so as to allow for a quicker shutter speed and catch the snow blowing. Another shot from the soon-to-be-destroyed Fields Farm, Torbay Road, Newfoundland. Man, was it ever cold!! (Focal length 34mm, Shutter: 1/750, Aperture: f8)

(With profound apologies to The Mamas & The Papas!)

I do actually like Mondays. I am aware that I may be alone in this. I’m cool with that.

On Mondays, John goes to work, Katherine goes to school and I get that oasis of clear thinking that sets me up for the week. I put things back. I plan what happens when and where. I pay bills (and after many years of struggling to find money with which to do so, at times paying bills actually is a rare joy. Really. Except for the phone bill. For some reason, I resent paying Bell Aliant. Weird.). I turn over the laundry. I play with the dogs. I work on my own projects.

In short, for me, Monday is actually a little like the weekend for other people.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my family and I enjoy every minute of the weekends that we spend together. I love the cross-country skiing excursions. I delight in the adventures and explorations. The hikes, the visits to museums, the sushi-making parties (and those are a sliver of the past weekend)…. I love all of it. All of those things entail a fair amount of organization and planning on my part, though, and I sincerely appreciate Mondays, when I can stop thinking for other people constantly and breathe.

So with a third cup of coffee in hand, I’m wading into my week.

And if you need a Monday song to get you going, or if my post title got you humming, here you go….


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