Interesting discoveries

The weather prediction was that today would be a snow day. Preparatory to this, I made sure there was chocolate and wine and other Good Things to eat in the house. Last night we had a glass of wine, ate some chocolate and watched a movie. It was quite nice. Afterwards, I very carefully put the remains of the chocolates in the cupboard.

This morning, I came down to this:

A box of chocolates on the kitchen table.

I was moderately worried, but not entirely alarmed. If the dogs had gotten the box, well, it wouldn’t much be a box anymore. So I figured that Katherine had simply helped herself to a chocolate or two and forgotten to replace the box.

Casually opening it, however, this is what I found:

"This isn't what it looks like."

My first thought was, “Turtles are cannibals?” but then I realized that it would be hypocritical for a gingerbread-munching humanoid to pass judgement.

I was startled by this discovery that I failed to observe that the box of chocolates was entirely empty.

In other news, we have fish.

The fish live in a bowl on the kitchen table (near the erstwhile chocolate box). These are fish without filter systems, feeding needs, diseases or requirements for progressively larger tanks. Fish that can be put in a box at will; the best kind of fish.

Carping the diem. Or being koi, whichever you prefer.

Which leads us to today’s discovery:

"Sheep can't swim."

A fact not nearly as startling as…

"Neither can turtles."

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