Spiders, spiders everywhere…

Spider orchids are such peculiar things. “Eternal Wind” started to open a week or so ago and since then has emerged as a cascading stalk of dangling spiders. Luckily the cat isn’t at all interested in *these* spiders. I know I took some photos before, but I wanted to have another go now that it’s completely open.

Eternal Wind
Front and centre. Taken with the 50mm prime lens.

I’m just delighted with their regimental formation and for some reason, they make me think of a biker gang. I really can’t explain that one satisfactorily, even to myself; it’s just an impression I have. Maybe it’s their flying in formation or perhaps it’s the slight thuggishness of the front-and-centre blossom. Not sure entirely. I quite like them, but there’s an element of predation about these particular flowers.

Eternal Wind
Lined up. Taken with my 50mm prime lens.

It’s nice to see things blooming and growing during a blizzard.

Eternal Wind
Into the light and cold. Taken with my 50mm prime lens.

A tropical flower sure provides a pleasant contrast to the penetrating cold and wind out there.


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  1. Elaine Dale says:

    Maybe they remind you of bikers because the petals look like a ponytails or braids and a fu manchus blowing in the wind as they ride.

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