After the Storm

After the Storm
Outer Cove in the sunset.

Yesterday’s blizzard wandering in, walloped us with 25cm of snow (or thereabouts) and then shot out the door as quickly as it arrived, leaving a clear sky and a beautiful afternoon in its wake. As the day waned the light got progressively more beautiful and the evening brought with it another treasure:

Moon gazing
Moon-gazing (Focal length 200mm, Shutter speed 1/125, Aperture f11)

I had not previously attempted to get any real definition of lunar features while photographing the moon, being generally preoccupied with the over landscape in which the moon was but one part. Last night I decided to see what the zoom lens could pick up, and took this hand-held shot at full zoom. I deliberately under-exposed it quite a bit and am rather pleased with my experiment’s results. I also spent some time looking at maps of the moon and its features and identifying the ones that appear in my photo. Turns out it’s more interesting than I had thought. Photography is starting to make a bird-watcher and a sky-gazer out of me.


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  1. Beautiful shots! I particularly like Outer Cove in the sunset.

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