A lunch break

Stalwart Fellows
The old Masonic Hall (no longer used by the Freemasons) and the Anglican Cathedral on a beautiful, spring-like day.

I had another of those meetings today that left me feeling a little worn around the edges, so I called John and we went to lunch together. We’ve been trying to fit a lunch date in for two weeks, but he’s had some substantial work obligations on-going and I’ve been slurped up by various aspects of the Craft Council and it just hasn’t happened. Until today. It was a glorious spring-like day and we went for lunch and then for a wander around the downtown.

The blue sky provided just the ticket for a few nice photographs of the old Masonic Hall on Cathedral Street. It’s no longer used by the Freemasons and has a new purpose as the home of Spirit of Newfoundland Productions, serving as a dinner theatre and performing arts venue. (The Anglican Cathedral is still a cathedral, however.)

Masonic Hall
Masonic Hall


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