Natural Dye supplies, from Maiwa.

Today I’m “shagging around”* with some dyes, doing layered dips to suss out some different colour combinations and effects for further use. I’m working with combed woolen top  (that’s Falkland) for my test swatches, but I have some washed Shetland fleece to which I’d like to apply the results for a pattern that I have all worked out in my head.

More later.

Note: the indigo vat will not happen today. I’ll under-dye anything that needs indigo and do those dips on a different day. Working with indigo is one of those marvelous processes that I enjoy far too much to rush.

*”shagging around” is a peculiar Newfoundland expression that means messing around with or playing with in the hopes of getting something useful out of it.



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