Some friends went out to Red Cliffs to have a look at a few of the geocaches that we’ve hidden and had quite the encounter!

Treasure Island Caching

Last weekend was the Easter long weekend, which provided us with a rare Friday off work, together. In an attempt to make the most of this we headed to Outer Cove to do some geocaching in an area known locally as Red Cliff.

In the 1940’s, this location was home to a coastal artillery site for use during World War II. In the 1950’s it was further developed into a radar site and became part of the North East Air Command during the Cold War.  In its prime, the site was staffed by approximately 250 American soldiers and included a barracks, shops, warehouses, dinning halls, a recreational area and the operations centre.  The site was fully abandoned in the early 1960’s and the buildings have deteriorated significantly since that time.

In addition to the ruins, the site also provides access to the East Coast Trail and Cobbler Path.


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