I usually don’t escape from the Seconds Sale unscathed. Habitually, I wind up carting home arcane things like Ukrainian egg decorating kits (which we used), bags of wool-that-should-be-a-sweater (but still isn’t), a paper-making kit (again, we used this) and a myriad of other widgets and gadgets (and sheep, of course).

It seemed inevitable that some treasure or other would happen my way and that I, weakened by literal mountains of craft-related items, would succumb and buy at least one item that was out in left field (for me). After all, part of helping to set up is pre-exposure to possibilities.

Yep. I was caught to a doozy. Here it is:

Jano Loom
Jano Loom, by LeClerc. 20″ wide.

Yes, it’s a loom. After a bit of digging, I found out that it’s one of the first table looms that LeClerc made and is called the “Jano”. All of the pieces are there (the reed, shuttle, bobbins and whatnot aren’t shown here, but were in a bag that came with it). I had a weaver friend, Pearl (who was pricing items at the sale), go through it and check it for problems or missing parts before I bought it after managing to haggle her up on the pricing.

So I acquired a tool that I haven’t the first sweet notion of how to use AND it paid more money for it than they were asking. Go me!

I’ve been reading up on it and getting to know it a bit. I think we can work out a truce and come to an understanding. In fact, I’m rather looking forward to it. It’ll give me something to do with all this wool I’m spinning……


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