After a more than few hours of wrestling with logic, wool and loom, I managed to achieve something akin to warping.

Today I spent time rearranging the mis-threaded strands in the reed and heddles and making sure that the tension front to back seemed relatively even.

That sounds like I know something, doesn’t it?

_DSC0013_050 copy web
Waste wool on the first section, to straighten out the warp a little. Note to self: Should have used stiffer wool for this. Also should tie the warp on in smaller bunches, more evenly-spread.

Please understand that I really don’t know what “even” looks like on a loom (but I’m hoping it’s something like “even” in everyday life) and what sort of tension I should generally aim for. This is whole piece is in the nature of an experiment and play, from start to finish. And, in the nature of all good experiments and games, I’m learning bucketfuls!

_DSC0019 copy web
Fiddling around with a different weight of wool and the effect that raising and lowering different combinations of harnesses can have.

I’m learning, keeping notes and rather enjoying the process and that the results vaguely resemble what I envisioned.

And for this evening? That’s enough.


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