A walk in the neighbourhood

Torbay, taken from near the Town Hall

Sometimes I get so excited about going on explorations in other parts of Newfoundland that I forget how fantastically gorgeous Torbay can be. This morning, the sun woke us up at 6:30 and then it promptly hid behind a bank of clouds and fog. I walked Katherine to school and, as I reached the school grounds, the sun started peaking out here and there and patches of blue sky emerged. So I headed out along the East Coast Trail, to what is called the Silver Mine Head Path for a look around.

Near the trail entrance, the gulls were busily nesting on cliffs:

Tis the season
Gulls nesting on the sides of the cliffs

And things were growing. I’m pretty sure these are Clintonia, or “Corn Lilies”.

Things are growing and starting to bloom!

Where these lilies are growing is a section of forest that was hit by a forest and grass fire a few years ago.

Scorched trees.

The trees are a little eerie and quite dramatic, but amongst them things are springing back to life. A cloud of robins took off as I approached and there were numerous songbirds throughout.

Yellow-rumped warbler
Yellow-rumped warbler, amid the burnt trees

At Motion, the sun was splitting the rocks. Well, figuratively, at any rate!


It was a glorious, magnificent way to start a Friday.

On the rocks
The rocks and tide pools at Motion

A few hours later, it has completely clouded over again.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. You live is such a beautiful part of the world. Thanks for sharing with your terrific photos!

  2. hannifrieda says:

    I agree with ‘Time To Be Inspired’ It is so very lovely where you live thanks for the captures!

  3. mjspringett says:

    wow, glorious colors, MJ

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