I do not want to bring my computer on vacation. For me, the risk isn’t worth it and it’s more of a vacation without it. This presents an obstacle insofar as getting pictures from my Nikon D7000 to my phone is concerned.

Fortunately, I have a work-around.

The D7000 has two memory card slots. I can shoot the first card in raw and usually just use the second for back-up. Today I set the second to back-up in jpg small format (basic, is the setting) and thus ended up with one jpg and one raw of each image on two seperate cards.

Then I popped the micro SD card out of my phone and used the copy option in the playback menu to copy a selected file onto the SD card. A handy free android app called ES File Explorer lets me move, rename or delete files as needed. Then I can use the WordPress app to write entries like this and post pictures taken with my proper camera.


It’s clumsy, but the quality is far better. Or will be when I take the time to find non-canine subject matter and make something better than a test shot.

Saves me the risk of dropping my computer in the ocean, too.


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  1. Heather says:

    Glad that works – I was sure it would, or something similar. Your phone IS a computer – just with a new operating system. (The camera, I agree, is best suited for taking pictures in stores, of posters etc. instead of writing things down.) I love ES File Explorer… it means you can treat your phone like a computer instead of a gadget. You can use ES to get at cloud services like Dropbox, Google Docs, etc., too, so upload stuff there from your desktop before you go.

    You’ll also want Lookout, PhoneUsage, Battery Monitor Widget, Elixir, for maintenance; and Photo Editor and Jpeg Exif Viewer, since the Gallery doesn’t do those things. The musicians you’re bringing with you would appreciate gStrings and Mobile Metronome; Jean has a little clip-on thing but it will probably run out of battery.

    Just don’t drop your phone in the ocean!

    1. VickyTH says:

      I’ll try some of those apps, particularly elixir. Haven’t played with the cloud or dropbox thingy much at all and since I don’t really want to take any work at all with me (and have a very small data package), I suspect I’ll save that for another time.

      I already have the battery monitor, as well as one of the data monitors. My camera has a fairly sophisticated set of software built in for editing and so forth, so I may just use that before transferring. This is really just for limited usage anyway, since I plan to leave the thing off 99% of the time. I’ll switch it on morning and night to check for messages, but I like not being at the beck and call of the world. I’m disconnecting FB and twitter from the thing for vacation, too.

      Not going to be dropping phone in ocean! It will live in the house, although I do have an otterbox for technology when it *must* go near water.

      Does Jean’s clip-on metronome take AA or AAA batteries?

  2. michelle says:

    The doggy has two different colored eyes ^*^ soo cute!

  3. Heather says:

    All good. If I recall correctly cell reception wasn’t that good at the best of times anyway. Easier to say “I can’t work” than “I won’t”.
    Coin batteries, I believe, or I wouldn’t think twice. I’ll confirm that this evening.

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