The Squires Barn and Carriage House


Just across the street from the MUN Botanical Gardens are the Squires Barn and Carriage House heritage structures.


They are considered to be representative of twentieth century agricultural structures, having been built circa 1908. I was able to wander around the outside, but didn’t get to look inside the carriage house. I would have liked to, though, since it has a subterranean root cellar, accessible through a trap door in the floor.

The Barn

The Friends of the Garden, a supportive group of volunteers whose energy and revenue generation help fuel these marvelous gardens, will begin restoring the Carriage House in the coming years retaining it as a useful edifice. What I love about these buildings is that they are still used for agricultural and horticultural purposes. The barn holds tools and equipment and the carriage house has a tractor inside (sort of a modern carriage). The root cellar is used for storing and forcing bulbs.

Open doors

One of these days I’ll have to see if I can get a peek at the cellar. From what I’ve read, it’s quite the elaborately built structure


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  1. Linda Squires Gillies says:

    This was my home from 1952-1972 before I moved to Toronto. My father Gerald Squires was the last, out of 5 siblings, to be born in this house in 1924 & died in 1977 at age 53. My mother Nina Squires was forced to sell the property. She eventually moved to Toronto to be with myself & my family. She died in 2004 at age 80. I dearly loved it here & was very saddened when the house had to be torn down due to lack of upkeep. This property will live in my heart forever.

  2. Linda Gillies says:

    Please continue to look after this property.

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