Sometimes you do the best you can.


Heart's Content Lighthouse Pyramid
Heart’s Content Lighthouse Pyramid

We somehow ended up in Heart’s Content (among other places) on Saturday. I’m still not precisely sure how that happened, but given our relatively high levels of stress lately and given that Katherine was out-of-town, a road trip was just the ticket. There was a problem when we came to the lighthouse, though. We were three: two humans and a dog (who lacks opposable thumbs). Therefore one human would have to operate the camera and entice the canine, leaving a dog and the other person to form a pyramid.

There was some debate as to the nature of a “pyramid”, during which john provided his legal opinion that, in the case of a lighthouse pyramid, one could be permitted to use a stack formation in a pinch, since early lighthouses themselves were simple stacks of stones. Quite naturally, I told him that this was bollocks and that we already had a lighthouse in the picture and required a pyramid to complete the two Wonders of the Ancient World in question. A somewhat odd exchange followed in which it was speculated that John might imitate the Colossus of Rhodes or possibly the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. By this time Rowan was losing patience with us and we reverted to the stack, which I choose still to call a “Lighthouse Pyramid”, seeing it as a close-up detail of pyramidal construction.

Rowan was very cooperative.

Clearly I need to get out more.



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