Shop Update

Katherine helped me to make some more Dragon Skin colours and they’re now up and available in the shop. The Merino wool makes these particularly nice to the touch!

Dragon Fibres

Katherine and I spent a day of bouncing off each other and driving each other nuts yesterday and in doing so learned two very important things. Firstly, we learned that I cannot provide the same level of stimulation as an entire classroom full of kids under the guidance of a good teacher. Secondly, we affirmed…

Shop Update

I just popped another few bumps of fibre up on the SeaStrands Etsy Shop. Clicking on the specific image will take you right to it in the shop.

Catching up on paperwork

While I take a bit of time to catch up on report writing, report reading, text revisions, prep for tax time and a myriad of other mundane details, I leave you with some eye candy and a splash of colour for this wintry day. Once I get through the paperwork, I’ll be hitting the spinning…

A splash of colour

I’ve been showing you dribs and drabs of what I’ve been working on, but now I’m actually starting to put together some successful final results and the colours are just plain fun. So here’s a little Saturday night colour for you! The results of some of this week’s work: