Anatomically correct – an Olympic moment

My perspasive and succinct husband commented on seeing the spandex suits of the short-track mens’ speedskating teams, apropos of nothing at all, “Huh. They have nipples.”

You’d think he’d know better than to voice such thoughts aloud.

Immediately a small, parroting, screeching voice promptly picked up the chorus and leapt around the house screaming, “NIPPLES! NIPPLES! THEY HAVE NIPPLES!”

The she sidled up to us and asked, “Are they like jelly beans nice and spicy?”

Life around here is quite often exasperating, but never, never dull.


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  1. sarai says:

    Funny how some huge errors in judgement work themselves out in the end, and everything is just fine, while others, the tiniest of lapses, spawn something totally beyond our control.

  2. mary hood says:

    we laughed til we wept! Thanks for this one…definitely one for the elephant book!


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