Last clean-shaven on October 8, 1994

I didn’t really mean it. All I said was, “I wonder what your chin looks like now. We haven’t seen it in over ten years.” That should not translate into, “Please remove all of your facial hair, thereby obliging me to remove all of the lightbulbs in the bedroom and purchase a blindfold.”

I would give a lot to be a fly on the wall at the office tomorrow, though. Should be funny. He doesn’t look half-bad, just not…. John.

His chin is definitively still present. That having been ascertained, he can begin recovering it anytime now. Tomorrow seems possible…. Right dear?

I miss the colour.

You can read his account of it here…..

FYI, this is what he’s supposed to look like: John framed


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    Vicky, will you please mind your words in the future? Have you learned your lesson? An X-ray would have told you everything you needed to know.

    It may come back in grey… wouldn’t that be a shock!

    If this doesn’t get fixed I shall have to post pictures of the Original Chin. Nobody wants that. Don’t make me.

    Eleanor doesn’t like it either, says he looks like George Stewarton. I do hope that’s an imaginary friend of hers.

  2. sarai says:

    I’m laughing my head off over here. Between this entry and the last, it seems as though there is no such thing as a casual observation at your house.

  3. herhhimnbryn says:

    I think he has a look of John Lennon about him now!
    My beloved has a great beard. If he ever shaves it off, I have told him I will leave! ( just joking). I love your blog and ahve bookmarked you now.

  4. vickyth says:

    Heather – yeah, I won’t be speaking my thoughts around him any more for a while. Took me over an hour to actually be able to look at him, so I don’t suspect he’ll be repeating anytime soon. He has no upper lip. I hadn’t realised that before. Wonder where it went? Who the heck is George Stewarton?
    Sarai – only casual remarks are taken seriously. I can hint and drop anvils about Xmas present ideas and they never, ever get noticed.
    herhimnbryn – He was tickled that you think so and reminded me that he shares Lennon’s birthdate. Blogrolled you, too…..

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