I’m writing this post with my voice recognition software while meeting knitting.  It still doesn’t recognize the day knitting.  Had to go back and fix that .

Anyway yesterday I spent a few minutes personalizing the voice recognition software that comes with Windows XP and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use and how well it works even with such a garbage microphone .

Of course you still have to go back and fix things afterwards and they’re there are always words for the software will won’t recognize like the aforementioned meeting knitting.  You have to speak out or voice your punctuation as well which is rather weird .  I want to train it to recognize Catherine’s profile, so that she can e-mail John Paul binder so all why we’re so old by her cell cell self .

I’ve left in the transcription errors using strike-out text and italicized the additions that I made afterwards for clarity .  If I spend more time training the software I’m sure the accuracy would increase .  As it is it’s not have that now have health and half-bad now .

I really need a life.


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  1. That’s pretty good. (Maybe you have loud needles?) Can you do all the Windows navigation with it?

    Don’t put Katherine (with a K) on it. Get her typing. Take it from me, you don’t want a nine-year-old who has to hunt-and-peck her own name.

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