(Focal length 70mm, Shutter: 1/350, Aperture: f11)

In between things today, I took a spin out to Portugal Cove and St. Philips, two little communities that now form one and where there are occasionally little gems of discoveries to be made. I particularly wanted to troll around near the old church (more on that later) and the coves.

When I’m by myself, without Katherine or John, I find I have more inclination to explore little back-roads. Katherine has typically found them to be less-than-fulfilling, which generally limits the amount of idle meandering that I can do in a trip. John has more of a stomach for the road less travelled, but generally when I go exploring with John, I also have a Katherine. Which takes us full-circle to what Katherine thinks.

In anticipation of the disgusting weather we’re to get tonight and tomorrow (Snow, freezing rain and sleet. Yum.), I took a couple of hours and simply poked around by myself. It was nice. I found neat things. Like churches and steeples, colourful houses and sleeping boats, and the fact that the little inlet in St. Philips is just starting to ice over…..


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  1. I like this picture a lot, it’s beautiful.

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