Wind turbines in Fermeuse, taken last fall, from the Ferryland Downs, with a Sony DSC-HX5V.

It’s a head-in-a-blender-and-did-you-remember-to-unplug-it sort of Friday, leading me straight into a weekend of chaos. Some people like Fridays. I still am not sure I understand why. I have heard that some people have relaxing weekends. I really must find out what those are like.

Saturday is far more work than Friday, even without a kid’s birthday party to launch*.

Perhaps it all works on the “change is as good as a rest” theory?

* I do not know who first decided that birthday parties for children had to be something more than a cake and supper with family. I cannot fathom who thought that having a gargle of kids ricocheting off walls together in celebration was a good idea. I suspect it was a father. Or a woman with a large staff of servants. No sane woman of ordinary means would have started a tradition this labour-intensive and potentially expensive.



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  1. Hana says:

    Beautiful picture. Those wind mills always look solitary yet powerful.

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