Quasi-Outport explorers

St. George's
St. George's Anglican Church, rendered in sepia so as to show off the wooden panelling's richness better than black and white would have done. (Focal length 18mm, Shutter: 1/6, Aperture: f4.8. ISO 200.)

Katherine and I have been having fun with the idea of exploring and going on adventures. Some are just idle meanderings, while others have been bona fide quests, complete with snowshoes, maps, crampons, camp stoves and lunch.

Today we had to stop in at the Craft Council to pick up some papers and chat with a couple of people. AFter that, we headed towards Petty Harbour, because Katherine couldn’t remember ever having been there (she has, repeatedly) and it sounded interesting to her and we simply wanted to get out of town without going too far. To my mind, Petty Harbour isn’t quite an outport. It’s in the same category as Quidi Vidi Village; it *was* an outport, but since the invention of roads, telephones and cars, it has become so connected to St. John’s that it’s more of a “bedroom” outport. That said, it’s wonderful for tourists who come to town and want to see a sliver of what “the bay” can look like and it’s a marvelous little community.

So we cruised through Maddox Cove and Petty Harbour and found St. George’s Anglican Church. In the usual way of outport churches, it was unlocked and empty (it’s Monday morning, so the place really *ought* to be empty, but it was a pleasant surprise to find it unlocked). All the churches we tried to explore on Friday were locked right up, but they were in town (where town = St. John’s). Apparently Petty Harbour is far enough away from the population hub of the capital city to warrant leaving doors unlocked. Memo to self: Check St. Nicholas’ in Torbay.

In any event, we wandered around, looked at the old photos on the walls, took a few pictures and left all as we found it. It was a nice little church. Much wooden paneling and the floors creaked vociferously. It’s obviously well-loved.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cassie says:

    How beautiful. Churches make wonderful structural photos

  2. mjspringett says:

    Quasi explorers, love the term and the photo, MJ

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