Falkland wool that I dyed and spun. Finished plying this yesterday.

We have one car. We also live about ten kilometers from the centre of the St. John’s.  There is no public transportation to and from Torbay, other than taxi. It would be lovely if there were some sort of a shuttle bus, but, in truth, we manage just fine. Some days, I drive John in to work so that I can have the car for errands, meetings, and such things, but quite often I am more than happy not to have the car. I get far more actual creative work done when I don’t have to emulate a shuttlecock and volley between town and city.

Today, for instance, I don’t have the car (or my main camera – it has gone in for a sensor cleaning). I’ve gotten some tidying done, cleared off my work surface and settled my mind into a clarity of thought that can only come from being alone in the house with the phones turned off and no means or reason to leave.

Sometimes being stranded isn’t such a bad thing.


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  1. So true.

    Those jewel colors are gorgeous.

  2. mjspringett says:

    Lovely colors in your wool, you are very talented, I love winter when i have an excuse for being stranded, thanks for sharing, MJ

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