Signal Hill

It was an almost magical, perfect afternoon up on Signal Hill. Chilly, mind you, but lovely. We headed up to find a geocache and I took the camera and tripod along for the ride.

Queen's Battery

The clouds were fluffy and full and the place was crawling with people. It was gorgeous, though.

Cabot Tower
Cabot Tower in the Clouds. Signal Hill National Historic Site.

We have a couple of geocaches in the area that needed spring maintenance (new log sheet, new swag or a complete replacement) and took the opportunity to grab a couple of new hides that we’d not yet found. It was a lovely walk and the clouds were just breathtaking. Got some caches tidied up, too, which was something ticked off my “to do” list.

_DSC9320a copy
Rowan had fun, too.


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  1. Great photos! The one of Rowan is just priceless!

  2. nonoymanga says:

    Very calm and relaxing. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  3. hannifrieda says:

    Your dog is so cute :3

  4. says:

    Rowan is… great !

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