Between one thing and another


This weekend has been crazily busy thus far, mostly with Craft Council of Newfoundland & Labrador-related things. The annual Craft Council Seconds Sale was today, as were assorted open studios and craft events that have been collectively gathered under the auspices of “The May Day Craft Weekend“. More on this after I finished editing the photos! Since I was involved with the Seconds Sale, I didn’t get around to all the other offerings, but John and Katherine took the camera and the map and visited all but one of the open houses. They had a great time, took some photos, ate things, spent some money (which is really the best way for ordinary folks to support craftspeople and artists) and basically had a great Dad & Kid morning.

After things wound up, I was beat to a snot and couldn’t decide whether to drink or sleep. Instead, we opted for a walk out The Beamer (long spit of rock sticking out into the ocean), in Flatrock, to stretch legs, be away from crowds and relax. The fog was doing interesting things, so it looked like it might provide some nifty photo opportunities.

Broken lines
A broken fence at the start of the trail out The Beamer.

Of course, as soon as we got out and started walking, the fog began to lift.

Erratics I
Erratics I

So instead of mysterious rocks, shrouded in fog, I have big rocks in the middle of nowhere just sitting there.

Erratics II
Erratics II

Then we decided to wander along and check on a couple of geocaches of ours that we hadn’t visited in a while. In so doing, we stopped past a stream I had photographed recently. I took another exposure of it with the new lens, just for interest’s sake…

Spring Stream
Spring Stream – I very much like the optics and how much of the stream-bed I can get in the frame, but the new lens requires greater proximity, which is not always a good thing near splashing water.

More on the rest of the day later. That glass of wine sounds good right about now…


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