Be a beacon: Cape Race

Cape Race Lighthouse
Cape Race Lighthouse

Part of our foray down the coast last weekend was a trip to Cape Race Lighthouse. John and I ventured out here once before, about a month ago, and it was so stormy and miserable that you couldn’t see anything. This was a much more pleasant excursion.

Assuming you have driven all the way to Portugal Cove South, you might think that you’re really very close. That’s not quite so, I’m afraid. You must start down a fairly narrow dirt road (that, as of this year, has been freshly graded and is in remarkably good shape, complete with new bridges) and drive on. And on. And on. And up. And down. There is one particularly alarming valley, but it’s definitely worth getting down into (go down in first gear, but take a bit of a run at it coming back up).

Brain Rock
Brain Rock

This beach is called “Drook Beach” and lies in a gorgeous valley.

It’s a very fine cobblestone beach; not quite sand, but with tiny pebbles that make barefootedness a pleasure at first and an ache in short order (they look like sand, but are quite hard).

Drook Beach
Drook Beach

As you head out toward the lighthouse, you’ll pass the starting point for the Mistaken Point Fossil Tours (more on that in a future entry – I’m still editing the photos).

Note: You need to book a tour to go out there. It’s an ecological preserve like none other and they are being quite careful about who goes in and what they do there. The tours are free, the guides are informative and friendly and frankly, the site itself is utterly worth seeing and made much richer by having the guides there to point out things you could easily overlook.

We went out to Cape Race for lunch before the fossil tour. Nothing was open at the lighthouse, but it made a dandy spot for a picnic.

And what does a goofy group of people on the tip of the Avalon Peninsula do?

Lighthouse pyramid!

Lighthouse Pyramid!
On bottom: Evan Edinger, John Taylor-Hood, Garnet Edinger
Next row up: Jasper Edinger, Katherine Taylor-Hood
On top: Kieran Edinger


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  1. mjspringett says:

    Love the pyramid, thanks for sharing your picnic, i enjoyed, MJ

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