The Big River, Flatrock

Exploring the nooks and crannies downstream.

If you park your car at the Church in Flatrock and wander north-east along the main road, you’ll soon come to a small road off to your right called “Hickey’s Lane”.

Shorelines and rocky shelves

 Turning right along Hickey’s Lane and heading downhill will drop you neatly onto the East Coast Trail, heading north.

You can walk this trail all the way to Cape St. Francis (and beyond, to Bauline, if you care to venture the cut-but-not-yet-upgraded trail).

J & K
John and Katherine exploring the canyon and river.

Or you can walk for about five minutes, wending your way riverward and stopping at Big River to explore the rocks.

(Should you decide to continue the walk, there’s a lovely new bridge just upstream to help you across the torrent.)

The falls, downstream from the bridge.

As you can see, we stopped at the river. Our chief distraction were the whales, but the river itself proved worthy of poking and rock-hopping and playing around. It was quite chilly, though, so our trip was curtailed a little more than we had hoped. We’ll head back again soon, this time with a tripod.

Out to Sea
Out to Sea

Taking long exposure photos without one requires succumbing to the whims of geology; you are stuck with using whatever natural outcrop happens to be available to brace your camera upon and cannot always compose the shots to their best advantage.

Mouth of the River
Mouth of the River


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  1. Mary says:

    Vicky — your blog is one of the first I check every day. I hope there is a photo book in your future — your work is remarkable.

  2. hannifrieda says:

    These pictures are really awesome. The colours are brilliant and breathtaking!

  3. mjspringett says:

    Wonderful photos, one of my favorites, thanks MJ

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