“Did we just reach a Low Point?”

Dodging waves
Dodging waves = happy kids

After messing around in Salmon Cove, finding a hermit crab and generally fooling around with water (always fun, no matter the temperature), we meandered north along Route 70 for a ways, stopping here and there to see things that looked interesting.

Leapin' leprechauns!
Leapin’ leprechauns!

We dipped down into Spout Cove, which is one of those places that I’ve always driven by and never stopped to see. It was lovely and there was a nice geocache.

Spout Cove
The beach at Spout Cove

Then we stopped at Ochre Pit Cove, another community that we’ve often passed through but never explored. There were some interesting things about this location; a heritage house, an old gravesite, and a spot from which red ochre can be easily obtained.

Aubrey and Elizabeth Crowley Property
The Aubrey and Elizabeth Crowley Property, Ochre Pit Cove. The gravestones in the foreground are for a husband and wife, Richard (71 years) and Elizabeth (76 years) Halfyard, who died in 1815 and 1828 respectively.

The beach area held a geocache and a neat rock wall, along with the ochre. We had a job keeping the kids from getting completely plastered with red dirt.

Ochre Pit Cove wall and winch
Ochre Pit Cove wall and winch

And then it was off to the next community, or the one after that. In any event, we simply HAD to detour when we saw a sign saying, “Low Point, 2k →”

Low Point, Conception Bay
The Low Point in our trip. But not the low point. A very neat little place indeed. Slight haziness of image due to attempting my mother-in-law’s trick of shooting from/through a truck window.

Low Point is at the end of a very bumpy road and when you get there, you find approximately a dozen houses, a very unique church and a marvelously scenic spot.

Low Point, Conception Bay
The church at Low Point, Conception Bay. An unusual shape for a church. This one has stained glass windows and a copper roof, both odd features in this style of building. I’m not sure if it’s still in use. The only mention I can find of a church in this area is of an old Roman Catholic cemetery, which might or might not be affiliated with this building. If I’d had more time, I’d have asked around.
Low Point, Conception Bay
Busses, used for storage.

And then we pushed on again, heading further north in search of adventure and ice cream.


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  1. Have always meant to go down into Spout Cove for that geocache, but have never done so! Next time!

  2. hannifrieda says:

    awesome colours wants again (:

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