“I can do that. I just need a wetsuit.”

Greyman's Sunset
Looking across to Bell Island from a hill in Portugal Cove

Monday evening, as we stood on the beach at Beachy Cove, staring across the channel to Bell Island, I told Katherine about my friend Steph Porter and how she and her friends swam across from Bell Island to the mainland. Three miles is the distance. Almost five kilometers. It’s a long swim in open water*.

Katherine's first open-water swim, 2012
Katherine’s first open-water swim, 2012

As Katherine stared across, thinking hard, I was certain that the next words out of her mouth would be something about how far that was, how she would do it when she got a lot older or how awesomely insane it was for ordinary people to attempt such a thing.

“I can do that. I just need a wetsuit.”

Katherine's first open-water swim, 2012
New wetsuit.

So today, after pooling her savings and borrowing on her allowances for the rest of the summer, she and her new wetsuit ventured into Whiteway Pond for a test splash this afternoon.

Katherine's first open-water swim, 2012
Leap first, land later.

I hope it’ll be a good few years before she attempts such a distance, since she’s only nine at present, but she can swim almost a kilometer now, which is a little awe-inspiring in itself. The thing that I love about her is the absolute fearlessness with which she approaches the world; if a thing is within her sights, she knows without a doubt that she can do it, she just needs the tools and training.

Katherine's first open-water swim, 2012
Successful partnership.

Who am I to stomp on a dream? We can all learn a thing or two about picking a goal and tackling it with absolute confidence and determination.

Katherine's first open-water swim, 2012
Coming up for air

Go to it, kid. You’ve got the wetsuit, now put in the miles.

*wisely Stephanie and company had a boat accompanying them across, in case of accident and to indicate to other motor craft that there were swimmers in the water.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. mjspringett says:

    wonderful to see her sense of adventure and courage, training horses was my thing, MJ

  2. hannifrieda says:

    isn’t that too cold?

    1. VickyTH says:

      Not at all! We Newfoundlanders are a hardy breed. 🙂

      1. hannifrieda says:

        Haha! Ok

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