Summer at Exploits

Summer is in full swing here. The days are hot and sunny, replete with activity and the joy that comes with getting things done.

A sailboat in the harbour

I spent most of the morning on the front of the house, scraping and painting it. I don’t think it has had a coat in twenty years, so there’s not so much scraping as there might otherwise have been.

desolate house near the harbour mouth

The views in this post are all taken from precisely thr same spot, which I thought would make for an interesting post. I’ve always loved the view from this place; you can see everything that’s goin on in this neck of the harbour and up the bay.

a study in contrasts

The photo above shows the section of the house I was working on. I took this one just to see the contrast between the newly-stained section and the old.

Jasper's archery

The kids entertained themselves by making bows and arrows. Jasper also made a target and asked me to take this shot so that his mother can see how he has improved.

The painting ended for the day rather spectacularly, when the railing I leaned against gave way and my paint and I pitched off the deck and hit the rocks. Luckily I came away with only a banged up wrist and a face full of paint. Ah, the drama.

Tomorrow looks to be hot and sunny, so we’re going to put a real push on the painting.


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