Whaleback Rock & Gallows Cove

It’s funny how sometimes you take the same photographs of the same places and, without even realising it, track the seasons of time through those pictures. One of the views that always strikes me as particularly dramatic is that of Whaleback Rock here in Torbay. I walk over the crest of the hill on our…

Exploits photos, yet again

I’ve been digging through albums to find photos of Exploits from various points in time. A few more evinced themselves the other day. The hardest part has been weeding out the family photos. A house in Lower Harbour. I don’t know who owns this one. The foundations of the Methodist Church. Our wharf and boathouse….

It wouldn’t be April….

On April 24th, Katherine and I saw our first butterfly of the season. I forgot to blog it, as other things leapt into my path and track-sided me, but I’m writing it now. Coincidentally, we saw our first butterfly last year on April 24th as well; the same sort on the same heather plant. I…

It’s still cold, but at least the sun came out!

This weekend promised to be more of the same dull, grey weather we’ve been having so much of lately. Pleasantly, it turned out not to be so. On Saturday, we meandered our way to Outer Cove Beach and took a few photographs: It was definitely grey and has been for a week now. Cold, too….

Puts a chill in the bones

The past few days around here have been cold and foggy with the kind of flesh-penetrating, bone-aching, finger-numbing cold that comes only with living near ocean in late winter. Some warm weather would be really nice, but seems unlikely because of this: Yep. Ice. Lots of it. In some ways, I suppose, it just looks…