“And I say way-hey-hey, it’s just an ordinary day…

…and it’s all your state of mind.”

– “Ordinary Day” by Great Big Sea

The view from here. (Focal length 18mm, Shutter: 1.5s, Aperture: f4.8)

It’s Tuesday. I’ve always liked Tuesdays. They haven’t the lethargy-franticness dichotomy of Mondays, but aren’t yet to the exhausted anticipation that typifies a Friday. Tuesdays are a day for getting things done.

Today I am plying and then carding some more.

Next to be plyed. (Focal length 46mm, Shutter: 1/6s, Aperture: f4.5)

And then spinning and then plying and…. well, you get the picture.

Oh maiden fair.... (Focal length 38mm, Shutter: 2s, Aperture: f5.6)

We’re supposed to get some good snow today. Favourable conditions for a tromp through the snowy woods later, methinks!


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