Snow Day

Snow Day
Snow Day

The schools called mid-morning to let us know that they would like us to come and collect our kids at lunch-time. So I trundled off in the snow and remembered to bring my camera along for the walk. The snow is falling in big, fat clumps of flakes and it is perfectly quiet out there. At the point at which I went to pick Katherine up, there was now wind to speak of and it was rather like being in a life-sized snow globe (without anyone shaking us, of course).

It was beautiful and peaceful; everything the perfect snowfall should be.

I like the effect of the picture above. I shot through the branches, finding a spot where they formed something of a tunnel. When I got back and popped the pictures into the computer, I realised that there’s a pentagonal shape formed by the branches. Always fun when a picture reveals an element that you didn’t realize you were including!


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  1. Maggie L R says:

    I really like this photo of the snow.

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