Waiting for spring…

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.
~Hal Borland

Taken on May8, 2011, with a Sony DSC-HX5V.

To get me through these long stretches of winter, I often troll back through pictures of previous years’ springs and summers. Hope is wherever you can find it sometimes and evidence that winter ends is essential.

Generally speaking, I actually get more solace from even the drabbest of spring pictures than from those of summer. Spring is closer and summer is completely unreliable highly variable here. Some summers are balmy while others (like last summer) make you certain that there are dementors lurking on the island (and if you don’t know what a dementor is, read the Harry Potter books. They explain so much.)

But spring you can count on and it’s always better than the winter you’re sick of.

Lance Cove
Taken on May8, 2011, with a Sony DSC-HX5V.

These pictures were take last Mother’s Day, in Point Lance. Point Lance is a stunningly beautiful spot relatively close to Cape St. Mary’s. When I say “relatively close,” I’m being pretty generous. It’s a bit of a drive and the road is appalling. It’s worth it, though. There aren’t many pristine and untrammelled sandy beaches quite like this on the Avalon Peninsula. If ever you head down to the bird sanctuary, make sure to leave time to swing by.

Taken on May8, 2011, with a Sony DSC-HX5V.

Spring will come.


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  1. We’re in a cold snap when it feels like it should be Spring. Thank you for the photos of the beach. I want to go to there.

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