Too many layers

A rusting ship in the Harbour Grace drydock.

I like my Mondays simple. I like for everyone else to leave the house and for a modicum of order, peace and sanity to settle over my thought processes.

Today that will not happen.

Some Mondays are like that. Some Mondays are simply days that you roll with and lurch along from on task to the next. Oddly, on those sorts of days, the days of intense multitasking and multilayer focusing, I feel like I accomplish the least. Or rather, I feel like nothing is ever truly finished as it should be. Each layer is tacked in place sufficiently to keep the whole ship from falling apart but that’s about it.

In truth, in some cases, that’s sufficient. But it other situations, it can leave you with the heck of a patch job to do later.



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  1. mjspringett says:

    Great images, both wordwise and photowise, thanks for a boost on Monday, knowing that someone else is also struggling, but carry on with a positive attitude and thanks MJ

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