A Moment

One of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary horses, relaxing on a day off in the sun.

On my way to a meeting this morning, I stopped to drink my coffee near the RNC horse stables on Government House grounds.

It was a beautiful morning and would have felt like one of those soft, summer’s mornings, but for the fact that it’s February and was akin to minus eight Celsius. The sun was that gentle yellow and the air was perfectly still. Remember that this is Newfoundland, where still air is an endangered species. Since it was just past rush hour, the traffic had hit that lull that occurs between the mad frenzy of workaday folk and the slightly less-crazed, but still focussed, shoppers, delivery folks and general business traffic.

It was a moment of utter tranquility that I hadn’t expected and an oasis of calm in an otherwise tumultuous week. I stood there and watched this fellow dig, scratch, wander and snuffle on his day off in the paddock. He had evidently done a spot of rolling earlier and was utterly relaxed. I could hear him breathing and see the steam rise as he snorted through some leaves. I didn’t disturb him, but he knew I was there and I don’t think he cared particularly. Police horses earn their days off and I didn’t want to interrupt his contemplation.

I just stood there with my steaming cup of coffee; watching, sipping, and enjoyed the quiet.


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  1. mjspringett says:

    A little down time with a cup of coffee, i can see it now, thanks MJ

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