What I didn’t know about chickens…

A whole world in my hand.

We visited a friend’s homestead over the weekend, during our adventures in Conception Bay North. Knitting guru Laurie LeGrow has a lovely little house in the woods where she keeps chickens, gardens, a formidable home winery, three dogs, a cat named Spider, and a fellow named Sam. Sam, in turn, keeps lovebirds, of which I (stupidly) forgot to get a picture. The lovebirds lay eggs and keep more lovebirds. It is a very active and energetic place full of enthusiastic and interesting folk!

A mixture of eggs

We got to bring eggs home with us.

Or rather, Katherine was given a carton of eggs. They are all different colours and were laid by Araucana and Americana free-range organic chickens. They are beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that we have not been allowed to EAT them.

One dozen.

We are allowed to admire them.

We are permitted to rearrange them.

I have also been granted leave to photograph them.

But I have been under strict orders not to EAT them.

Until today. You see, she was saving them for when Jasper (her knitting buddy) came over so that they could eat eggs and knit together. She thought Laurie would approve. I tend to agree.

Laurie, in case you don’t know her, is a part of the amazing LeGrow Family Knitters, of Spindrift Handknits. Laurie can knit while doing almost anything and comes up with the coolest, funkiest and classiest hats on the planet. They’re so classy that my husband will even wear them to court (all lawyers should walk into the courthouse with “live long and prosper” emblazoned around their heads in runes). They make seal and capelin-shaped catnip cat toys, too. Very popular with everyone in this house!

Go check out their website. I’ll wait…..

Chickens move fast

Katherine really enjoyed the chickens. I was quite impressed by the rooster, myself.

Rooster. Very big. Would feed several families.

We’ll have to head back again in the summer and take more photos. I’m kicking myself for now having done so now!


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