Any port….


March can be a tricky month in which to find colour in these parts.

It’s rather like November in that regard, being dull and drab and not quite one season or another. We took advantage of a rare flash of sunshine yesterday afternoon to walk around downtown and along the harbour apron.

Displacement on a couple of fishing ships.

I liked the contrast between the displacement markers on the ships above and below.

Numeral displacement markers on a much older ship that appears to have seen many miles.

John said my camera would break if I took a picture of a ship in the harbour with Signal Hill in the background. It’s one of those sorts of shots that the tourists take, only they tend to go further up the harbour and put a fishing boat in the foreground. I liked the way that the enormity of this particular ship dwarfed Signal Hill and Cabot Tower (the hill and wee building in the background).

Dwarfed. Signal Hill in the background is roughly 500ft high.

And colour. Because I feel like I could really use some, just now.

Buoy o buoy
Cluster of floats


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  1. mjspringett says:

    i love your bright nautical scenes, thanks MJ

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