Road trip, part 1

At nine-thirty this morning it was grey and cold and bland outside. John and I had been looking at each other and wondering what, among the myriad of options available to us, we were going to do.

Then I said, “I feel like I need to be in Whitbourne. I don’t know why.”

John blinked and said, “Okay. I’ll grab the stuff, you get food and one of us should tell The Kid.” (I love that man.)

So John picked up three pair of socks, wandered into Katherine’s room and said, “We’re going on an adventure and there will be waterfalls, pictures to take and possibly geocaches.”

After which I said, “… and ice cream.”

“Ice Cream!!!!???” She exclaimed, jumped up, headed for the door and was sold. Never mind the waterfalls. Parenting is marketing.

We were out the door, complete with snacks and coffee, and on the highway by ten, when the sun started filtering through the clouds. By Whitbourne, it had turned into a beautiful blue day and we had decided that we would save the geocaches and Whitbourne for another day and start with the waterfalls (Cataracts Provincial Park) and salmon ladder at Colinet.

“What do salmon use a ladder for?” Katherine asked.

“They climb up it to lay their eggs,” we told her.

There was silence as she processed this.

Then there were giggles and shrieks of laughter all round at the ensuing imagery.

And somehow…… somehow we ended up here:

Sun dogging
Sun dogging on Point Lance Beach. How did you spend your Sunday? Note: While I cleaned the lens (or rather, the filter) before setting out, I must have picked up some salt spray, which created interesting effects here.

More on the journey and fun as I get the photos edited!


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  1. mjspringett says:

    Great adventure, thanks MJ

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