Exploits days

Just a few photos to show we’re still alive. The weather has been quite decent and we’re having a spectacular time.

sunset on the water. sunsets are always better in a boat

There’s nothing quite like an evening at Exploits. Between the sunsets and the lamplit evenings of chatting, the evenings are some of the nicest times.

jean by lamplight

The kids have been having a whale of a time. They each caught about 20 conners (small geenish-blue fish) in a full afternoon of fishing that Jasper described as “epic”.

on the road

Despite a massive skin allergy flare-up on my feet (and buddy you’ve never really itched until you’ve exposed the soles of your feet to an allergen), I finally had a chance to wander about, looking for photo ops.

It was a lovely day, with sun and breeze enough to dry everything after the recent rains.

perfect day

Since I’m dumping straight from the camera to the smart phone, I’ve not had a chance to remove sensor dust or do touch-ups. It has the effect of making take greater care when shooting, which can only be a good thing.


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  1. mjspringett says:

    Great images , thanks MJ

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