‘Tis Monday…

New Bonaventure
A small shed and endless sky in New Bonaventure, Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland.

…and a fine specimen it is to be sure.

Child is home sick (cold and fever) and I seem to be acquiring the cold symptoms as well, symptoms that I am studiously denying and will try to blast out of my head with a nice, long run later on. It’s amazing how much more appealing running with a head cold becomes, when the alternative is hanging out with a miserable child.

It also looks like a perfect day to edit a few photos and get on top of the housework, insofar as that’s ever possible.

I took the picture above in New Bonaventure, during our Labour Day camping trip. The shed is actually white with teal trim and the distant house is red, but in black and white, the perspective is accentuated and the lines and contrasts are more interesting. I like the juxtaposition of hard buildings and soft grasses.


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  1. mjspringett says:

    i love this image, thanks for sharing MJ

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