Two short weeks until IPF Worlds, Salo, Finland

new deadlift belt
new deadlift belt

I’m not quite sure why I the passage of time has eluded me over the last two weeks. Maybe it was being caught up in training and work or being distracted by the sudden appearance of Spring. Whatever the case, it only dawned on me yesterday that June is next week and I leave on the 3rd to compete on the 7th. In my head there was another week or two in there somewhere and I experienced a flash of panic last night when I realized how imminent it all is.

So today I am going to round up the camp cookware and assorted bits and bobs of things that will be needed to prep food in Finland (eating out constantly in Europe is not necessarily conducive to making weight nor entirely healthy for one’s budget) and start pulling together the gear that will need packing, weight it and see how it all stacks up.

And oddly enough, I am much calmer about Worlds than I was about Nationals. I know what I have to do. I have reviewed the notes I made after Nationals and know what to do differently (squat stance and mental cues adjusted, more accurate rack settings selected, will spend less time at venue before comp to keep my adrenaline down when it’s not needed), what to do mostly the same (the warm-up plan was excellent, the taper worked beautifully and positive visualization worked wonders), and what to tweak slightly (the water cut worked, but I could have maybe eaten a little before weighing in since I was well under).

I also spent some time figuring out my goals for this competition, both numerical and personal, and am very happy with what I have decided on. They are all within my reach (but will still push me) and every one of them answers this important question:

“What will make the wine (and steak) taste best at the end of the day?”

because for me, that’s what this competition is all about. I’ve been powerlifting for almost/only a year now and to be competing at this level at this stage is simply tremendous. It is also just the beginning of my journey in this sport and I am viewing Worlds 2015 as a substantial learning experience. I will be privileged to lift among the strongest people in the world and that’s an honour and opportunity that I never expected to have and I am genuinely grateful for it and to the people who have helped get me to this stage.

I know that over then next two weeks I’ll feel a substantial spring-back in terms of energy and confidence as recovery really kicks in during the taper. I’m by and large happy with where I’ll be for this competition and am really looking forward to a bit of an adventure during the ten days after in Finland and Sweden. It’ll be fun, inevitably an emotional rollercoaster at times, but the ride will be worth it.

(Videos posted regularly on my YouTube channel. I started this because the resolution and search-ability on YouTube is far better than on Facebook and I wanted a visual training log for my own purposes, to track progress and spot problems.)


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