Things I learned or was reminded of this summer

imageRandom musings, in no particular order:

  1. Important things take time. You must have patience. Especially with yourself.
  2. Empathy before knowledge: People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.
  3. Fear is self-inflicted. Do the thing, one step at a time. Action negates fear. Hesitating feeds it.
  4. If you don’t sleep and eat properly, EVERYTHING is harder than it needs to be.
  5. Admit what doesn’t work: For instance, this week I was reminded that I cannot do low-carb nutrition. It messes with my mood and my sleep and as such does not actually help me. Your mileage WILL vary. Know yourself.
  6. Quality rest matters as much as hard work.
  7. Quality time comes from quantity time.
  8. Shared joy is increased, shared pain is lessened. If it’s with the right people.
  9. Be careful whom you trust. Not everyone who wants to be trusted should be.
  10. Surround yourself with people who feed what you want to be. Limit time with people who pull you down.
  11. Feigned confidence can magically transform into the real thing sometimes. Bravery is stepping into the breach even when scared.
  12. Pick your life partner wisely. They should be someone with whom you not only celebrate and love when times are good, but are willing to crawl through shit with. Because life always tosses crap at some point and the person crawling beside you will make or break you then.
  13. In marriage, you have to play for the team. So does your partner. If you both play for the same team, there’s no need to keep score.
  14. Take time always to make sure you and your partner are pulling in the same direction. Marriage can’t survive as a tug-of-war.
  15. Have sex daily (or as close to it as circumstances allow).
  16. While it’s true that you get one shot at this life and therefore should not waste it, it is also true that there are enough years within an average life for you to become many things and do them well. A life can have many seasons and a person can have many careers/passions/facets. Life’s a one-shot, limited-time offer, it’s true, but with time for many flavours. Live deeply.
  17. Don’t be afraid to explore new ideas and meet new people.
  18. Training/working with the right people makes a huge difference.
  19. Find people who share your passion. Learn from them. Let them increase you.
  20. Give the best of you to the world. Expect nothing back. Do it again.
  21. Be grateful.
  22. Sunshine matters.
  23. If you don’t look for happiness, you’ll never find it and it will have a harder time finding you.
  24. The low points in life are as temporary as the high points if you keep moving forward.
  25. Let yourself grow in all directions. Growth in one part of your life feeds growth in all others.
  26. Smile. It opens doors.

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  1. Dianne Rabkin says:

    you inspire a lot of folks out here that you don’t even know. Wonderful Wisdom even for those of us that aren’t heavy into exercise or lifting, good life skills.
    WE love you keep doing your thing.

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