Chilly disposition

Silver Thaw near the Basilica.

Monday dawned with a sweeping shower of freezing rain that coated trees, roads, cars and buildings, making the driving a little interesting and the city quite pretty. I had meetings for the morning and an errand to run at lunchtime, but I managed to nab a few minutes to snap this picture up near The Basilica. For those of you who saw the inside shots the other day, the photo above is what the building looks like front the outside.


As the temperature shot up, the crusts of ice fell from trees and wires and shattered like rods of glass, creating some rather startling obstacles to navigate while driving.

Mount St. Francis Monastery
Mount St. Francis Monastery - a heritage building near the Basilica. The whole area has historically been something of a Roman Catholic "enclave", housing three schools, The Basilica, two convents, a monastery and assorted other religious buildings. While some of these buildings are now used for non-religious functions, many are still owned, maintained and used by the Church community.


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