The beginning of Daylight Savings Time always makes me more aware of the beginnings and ends of days, particularly insofar as daylight is concerned. Our house is fortunate in its orientation, having a rather nice prospect on both sunrises and sunsets.

Dawn comes late in October
Dawn (looking east)

Whenever completing a project, no matter how large or small, I always feel a little lost. The shift from looking at a thing as current or future to seeing it in the past and refocussing is a little like watching a sunrise turn into a sunset and wondering what the sunrise of the following day will be. With this current project clueing up, I’m rather eagerly anticipating the next adventure.

View from Lynch's
Sunset (looking west)

In June, my stint as Chair of the Craft Council of Newfoundland & Labrador will be complete and I’ll hand off the position to Jason Holley. I’ll stay on as Past Chair, but my responsibilities will (hopefully) be diminished and I’ll have more latitude to get back into my own work and to spend a little less time caught up in all the details of the CCNL. It has been a busy year, replete with many changes and challenges. A good year, but a stressful one and I know my family is eager to see me pulled a little less in so many directions.


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